How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Ever since Instagram combined forces with Facebook, permanent account deletion has been a contentious and popular issue for the service. But regardless of your reasons for doing so, deleting an Instagram account is a short and simple process that should only take even the most novice computer user a few minutes to complete.

Keep in mind that deleting your account also deletes your videos, comments, likes, photos, and friendships permanently. Your account cannot be recovered, reactivated, or restored in any way. While you may continue to create a new account in the future, the account user name which you had previously selected will be unavailable.

How to Delete Instagram Account

To permanently delete your account, head to Instagram delete page and log in to your account. For security reasons, Instagram refuses to delete accounts on the behalf of any member. As a result, you must have access to the account that you wish to delete in order to begin the deletion process.

If you can not recall your login information, Instagram can help you log in through the lost password service that appears following a failed login attempt.

Instagram will prompt you to offer information regarding your decision to delete your account in an effort to improve service. Template answers range from privacy concerns to personal reasons. While the reason you provide has no direct bearing on your account deletion, providing an answer is mandatory to continue the deletion process.

Once you have selected a reason why you are deleting your account, Instagram will prompt you to re-enter your password one final time. After entering your password, click the large red square that reads Permanently deactivate my account and you have completed the deletion process.

Deleting Instagram Account from App

While it is possible to delete comments and captions, Instagram does not support account deletion directly through Instagram app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android. This means that if you would like to delete your Instagram account, you will have to do so through a web browser on your phone or tablet device. This process follows the exact same steps as described above.

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