160by2 vs Way2Sms – Send Free SMS Online To Mobile In India

Over the past decade, sending SMS has become a part of daily life for millions of people. Many people prefer texting to calling, and with the variety of free and cheap SMS services available, all you need to send SMS these days is an Internet connection.

Below we’ll look at two of the most popular ways to send free texts in India, 160by2 and Way2SMS, and how they stack up to each other.


Boasting more than 10 million registrations around the world, 160by2 is one of India’s most popular websites. After you register a free account, 160by2 allows you to send free SMS to a variety of locations around the globe, including India, Singapore, Saudi, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The only requirement for registration is that you be Indian residents with an active mobile phone, making this free service also widely accessible.

It’s also worth noting that you’re limited to 10 messages per number per day, and just like sending SMS from a phone, you’re also limited to a 140 character limit. But these modest restrictions are par for the course in the world of free SMS services. And if you have need for special features, you’ll also find the ability to schedule messages for future delivery, and even send SMS to groups of people with group chat.


With more than 36 million active users, Way2SMS has become widely adopted worldwide because it’s available on both android devices and the web, making it possible for just about anybody to send free SMS. Unlike many competing services, Way2SMS delivers messages to all mobile operators in India, will work over your 2G/3G or Wi-Fi, and has many of the same group SMS features as 160by2.

Where Way2SMS truly stands out is its integration with Gtalk and Yahoo, allowing you to chat with your contacts anytime you’re using the app. Way2SMS also claims that more than 90% of SMS are delivered in under 10 seconds, making it one of the fastest free SMS networks in the world.


Although these two services have more in common than not, there are a few key differences worth paying attention to. For example,Way2SMS’s support for other messaging services makes it slightly more versatile than 160by2. Additionally, 160by2 SMS messages include an advertisement at the footer of every message sent. And because Way2SMS allows you to send free SMS messages to over 20 nations around the globe, it’s easy to see why it’s attracted so much attention.

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